Making The Body Shop Floor a Frame Machine

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With Charles Kuhn's invention of the drill-in floor anchor and pulling post in 1967, the entire body shop floor became a frame machine. From that time forward no other individual machine has been able to replace the concept of quick auto body anchoring and pulling.

Lightweight, compactly designed Kuhn floor racks lock securely to the floor and eliminate any movement of the vehicle while multiple or single pulls are made. Kuhn's large assortment of lifting, pulling, holding and transport accessories means more production. More production means more profit.

Kuhn tools & equipment are guaranteed free from defect of workmanship and material for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Kuhn will repair or replace at our option any product found to be defective, subject to our inspection and approval.

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Foreign Patents: 1126386 • 1302654 • 7909741-6 • 2044835B • 1110083

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