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The oversized male and the female brass safety couplers hold air pressure when disconnected, preventing air loss to lifts. The large size of the couplers prevents directly connecting shop air that can cause damage to the lifts, vehicle, and, most importantly, the operator.

DK100 SHL/R for DK100 Lift

DK100-SHL, DK100-SHR

Left, Right

DK100SHP Pinch Weld Attachment

DK100-SHP Pinch-Weld Attachment

DK100SH Lift Hose Assembly

DK100-SH Hose Assembly


DK100SH1 Brass Valve


2-Way Brass Valve

DK100SH3 Coupler


Brass Female Coupler

DK100SH2 Male Coupler


Brass Male Coupler

DK100SH9 Swivel Caster

DK100-SH9 Swivel Caster

2" Steel

DK100SH10 Lift Transport Wheels

DK100-SH10 6" Lift Transport Wheels

6" Ball Bearing, Ballon Wheels

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