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DK100 Lift Instructions


Lifting from the tires, remove Pinch Weld Attachments. Place the lifts front (only) or rear (only) tires.

Both lifts must be used simultaneously.

Lifting from the pinch welds, remove tire lifting arms and replace with pinch weld attachments (one per lift).

Both lifts must be used simultaneously.

Vehicle must be in neutral and the parking brake off.


Connect the female safety coupler to the male safety coupler (top of both lifts}.

Connect shop air supply to the two-way air valve, slowly add air to raise lifts, add more air to raise lifts to the desired height. Release air to seat safeties. Always support vehicle with safety stands.


Lowering the vehicle, reattach all air hoses, add air to unseat safety latches, manually unlock safeties securely into safety clip, release air until lifts are fully In the down position. Keep air hoses clear of pinch points.


Before lifting make sure vehicle is in neutral and parking brake is released. These lifts are designed for lifting purposes only. Not to be used as safety stands. Always support vehicle with safety stands when using lifts. Release air to seat safety latches, add air to release safeties. Disengage and lock safeties to lower lifts.

Remove tire lift bars before using rocker panel pinch weld attachments.

DK100 Lift Warnings

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