The Shop Standard For Floor Anchor Pots Since 1967

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The Shop Standard For Floor Anchor Pots

Kuhn Anchor Pots are the shop standard since 1967. The design has undergone slight modifications during it's 46 year reign as the go-to anchor pot for strength, safety, longevity and ease of use. Welded construction. Grade 80 Alloy Chain, cast iron ductile wedge, 1/2" diameter internal chain rest ring keeps the chain away from anchor pot shell edge and concrete floor and hook safety to prevent hooking the chain to the lid. Overall design and quality manufacturing make it the best floor pot in the industry.

Anchor Pot Accessories & Floor Patterns

DK27 Anchor Pot

DK-27 Floor Anchor Pot

DK-27: 5” diameter w/5/8” Grade 80 alloy chain. (25 Ton Capacity Shown)

DK-27T: 5” diameter w/3/4” Grade 80 alloy chain. (Minimum 25 Ton Capacity)

DK355 Anchor Pot

DK-355 Floor Anchor Pot

DK-355: 3-1/2 diameter w/3/8” Grade 80 alloy chain. (10 Ton Capacity Shown)

 DK-26: 3-1/2” diameter w/1/2” Grade 80 alloy chain. (15 Ton Capacity)

DK255 Anchor Pot

DK-255 Floor Anchor Pot

2-1/2” diameter 3/8” Grade 80 alloy Chain. (10 Ton Capacity)

DK355B Anchor Pot


DK-355B: 3-1/2” diameter w/1-1/4” Grade 80 bolt. (10 Ton Capacity Shown)

DK-355CB: 3-1/2” diameter w/1” Grade 80 bolt. (10 Ton Capacity)

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