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DK-356 Anchor Pot Chain Support

DK-356 Anchor Pot Chain Support

Use with DK355 for 3/8” chain

DK-55 Anchor Pot Chain Support

DK-55 Anchor Pot Chain Support

Use with DK-27, DK27T

Anchor Pot Chain Rest

Eliminate Bending Stress & Damage

The DK-356 and DK55 Chain Rest, cradles and directs the anchor pot chain from the center of the pot. Eliminates chain bending stress, anchor pot and concrete damage.

Anchor Pot Pattern

Anchor Pot Floor Pattern 1

DK27 5" with 5/8" GR80 Chain Anchor Pattern

44 Anchor Pots (shown). This pattern will accommodate 20, 40, 48, and 60 anchor pots. This layout can be altered to accommodate heavy truck, busses and light rail. Note: 8" thick, 5000 Lbs. concrete floor with 5' perimeter surrounding all anchor patterns.

Anchor Pot Floor Pattern 2

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