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Power Pull Frame Machine Packages
Floor Anchor Pots

Coupled with our drill-in floor anchor pots, our Power Pulls transform your entire body shop floor into a frame machine.

DK300 Power Pull Frame Machine

DK300 Power Pull Frame Machine

The Original Power Pull (Post) and Anchor Pot was invented in 1967 by Chuck Kuhn. The Kuhn 10 Ton Power Pull is designed with quality, ease of use, and safety for all collision repair needs. With optional accessories the DK300 can push, pull, extended to 106" for high pulls, vertical up and down pulls. For any Uni-Body or full Frame vehicle.

DK25 Auto Body Power Pull

DK25 Power Pull Frame Machine

The DK25 25/50 Ton Heavy Duty Power Pull is designed for Heavy Trucks, City Busses and Light Rail. The DK25 has the same features as the DK300, DK15 and DK15S (soon to be introduced DK20 Heavy/Medium Power Pull). With standard 25 Ton pulling capacity that can be doubled with the optional DK38 Power Pull Kit. The DK25 can push with 25 Tons with the optional DK25-21 25 ton Push Yoke assembly. The DK25 has been in use for over 30 years with independent repair facilities, city and government installations.

DK15 Body Shop Power Pull

DK15, DK15S Power Pull Frame Machine

The DK15 Series Power Pull is designed for medium pulls on medium duty trucks and sheet metal high up on the cab or trailer. The DK15 uses a 10 ton ram and 1/2" GR 80 Chain.

The DK15 complements the DK25 when heavy pulls are not needed. At 128" tall, the DK15 is designed with all of the same pull and safety features included with every Kuhn Mfg. Power Pull.


Soon to be added to our Power Pull body repair line is the DK20 Heavy/Medium Power Pull with a 15 ton ram.

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