DKEB2012 Underbody Floor Rack

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DKEB2012 Auto Body Repair Rack

DKEB2012 Profit Max Underbody Floor Rack

The DKEB2012 Profit Max chainless underbody floor rack. Designed to be easy to use, quick to load, large range of adjustment and with the optional underbody and full frame attachments will handle the heavy hits and pulls. The complete system includes 4ea. DKEB2012 double pinch weld heavy duty stands, 4ea. DK675H Dollies and 4ea. DK355B Bolt Down Anchor Pots.

360 Degree Pulling, Fully Loaded Suspension, Unobstructed Underbody and Open Floor Space when not in use. Mechanical or electronic measuring systems will easily fit under the vehicle. The floor level Working height, eliminates climbing up or under as on elevated racks, No need to worry about falling off of this floor system.

The DKEB2012 Profit Max is built to last, and produce profits.

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DKEB2012 Features

Pulling Suspension Underbody

360 Degree Pulling

Fully Loaded Suspension. Unobstructed Underbody. Open Floor Space When Not In Use.

Rack Base Plate Travel

12" Base Plate Travel

Rack Clamp Minimum Height

Clamp Minimum Height, Clamp Travel

Rack Clamp Maximum Height

20 1/4" Clamp Maximum Height

Rack Bolt Down Anchor Pot

DK355B Bolt Down Anchor Pot

3-1/2" Shell. Cast Ductile Iron Wedge. 1-1/4" GR 80 Nut/Bolt (requires 1-13/16" socket). 1-1/4" Flat Washer.

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