DKEB2012 Instructions For Use

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DKEB2012 Profit Max Underbody Floor Rack > Components

DKEB Under Body Stands

4 Ea. DK-EB2012US Underbody Stands

Secure 4-Point Holding, the thick wide base plate eliminates twist and roll, preventing rocker panel damage. The 1-1/4” Grade 80 Bolt provides maximum torque to secure each stand for hard pulls. Simple, fast and universal holding that meets the demanding needs for any Shop environment.

Underbody Rack Transport Dollies

4 Ea. DK-675H Transport Dollies

The DK-675 Series Wheel Dollies make for easy transport and loading of the DK-EB2012. Vehicle suspension is fully loaded during the repair.

Heavy Duty Rack Casters

DK675 Heavy Duty Caster

Transport dolly casters. Optional 900 Lb. capacity per caster.

Bolt Down Anchor Posts

4 Ea. DK-355B Bolt-Down Anchor Pots

Based on the Proven 45 Year Construction of the DK-355 Anchor Pot. The DK-355B incorporates a 1-1/4” Grade 80 Bolt providing ultimate holding power.

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